TextThe Texas Chili Peppers is a versatile blend of talent and experience.   Having a family foundation, the Texas Chili Peppers feature brothers Oscar and Alan teaming up with family Al Gonzalez and Alex Mann.   Juan Gonzalez is an original member who adds years of professional music experience.   This combination enables the band to play a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Country to Tejano and plenty of Rock and Pop in between.  Together, the band is a unique journey that always strives to
please the audience first...

Te Oscar Gonzalez has played professionally since 1989 with various bands.  Most notably, Oscar played tenor saxophone and guitar for the popular tejano group Tierra Tejana from 1992-1994.  With Tierra Tejana Oscar appeared on several television shows showcasing the booming tejano scene at the time.  Oscar has also been a finalist in the Guitar Wars contests which feature the top guitarists in San Antonio.  In addition to the guitar and saxophone, Oscar sings lead and plays keyboards.
TAlan Gonzalez sets the beat for the Texas Chili Peppers.  Having a forte in Rock, Reggae, and Cumbia beats, Alan delivers the beat that holds the band through the musical gamut.
Juan Gonzalez plays keyboards and sings lead and background vocals as well.  Juan sings some of the 
best R&B and 
Tejano around.Text
Al Gonzalez has played music professionally since departing the U.S. Marine Corp. in 1971.  Al plays bass  and sings lead and background vocals also.  Past bands include Traces, The Wilburn Bros., and the S.A.F.D. band Backdraft.
Alex Mann is a guitarist and family cousin of the Gonzalez family.  He adds a new-generational take on the band's extensive repertoire and live sets.