Lewis Energy Group Holiday Party
12/7/12, Encinal, Tx

We've played for Lewis Energy Group in the past-mainly as the lone band playing a standard 4-hour "dance".  These parties are down in Encinal, Tx near Laredo and the audience is typically the country/tejano music fan.  This year we were asked to play half of the usual 4-hour performance in opening up for a "headliner".  I figured this "headliner" to be a regionally prominent tejano or country band.  To our surprise, that "headliner" turned out to be none other than REO Speedwagon.  This wasn't some tribute band either.  The original keyboard player who started the band in '67 was there along with Kevin Cronin, the singer on all their hits.  Their bass player there, Bruce Hall, started in '78 at the start of their hit-run.   The guitar player, Dave Amato, formerly played and sang for Ted Nugent before latching on with REO in '89.   

Dave Amato
Bruce Hall
Kevin Cronin
The stage must have been something like 100' x 60'.  We set up our amps in front of their covered stuff.  There was a video guy shooting while we played that projected onto the big screen behind us.  Unfortunately, it was just the band that traveled down there and I have no pics of our performance.  My guitar (black Les Paul upper left) was given a new pickup knob it had been missing by the REO guitar roadie who was stringing REO's guitars all day! 
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